Dine At Tommaso!


          Perhaps my favorite Italian cuisine in the United States is from Chef Tom at Tommaso in Brooklyn, NY. Although he is certainly capable of turning out more refined cuisine, I tend to prefer his country-styled, earthly dishes from recipes that have been passed down by his family through the ages.

-Robert Parker
  Wine Critic
  July, 2006

          A mother lost, but found, by continuing her joy in cooking, feeding, and sharing love& care through food. My early years were spent helping my mother prepare dinner for her doctor and nurse friends, as well as arranging holiday banquets for friends and family. The fondest memories I have are going to Coney Island with my older brothers and having lunch, usually pepper and egg sandwiches prepared by my Mother. We grew up across from the railroad and at that time we saw many young men going off to fight in the Korean War. With delight, my Mother prepared Meatball, Broccoli Rape & Sausage heroes for the boys on the way to war.--- Tommaso's on 61st street?

          It has been a long journey for me, some of the highlights include, four years of studying classic cooking in school, apprenticeship at the 21 club, and a summer cooking in the mountains of upstate New York. Also, I spent six months working for Air Lacarte at JFK airport and did a six year stint at Jacques Caterers, a Brooklyn landmark. Eventually I became chef in charge of their catering hall with three banquet rooms.

          I think traveling is important. I studied for one month at a fine Piedmontese restaurant in Albaretto della Torre. I continue to travel the world eating at the best in show, as well as advant- garde restaurants, always in learning mode.

          At Tommaso we use only the finest produce being as true to traditions as well as open to all influences of worth. But most of all, I subscribe to my Mother's basic instinct to share with joy and integrity to others one own understanding of what's worthwhile in life. No corporate restaurant here!

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Carvevale Menu
Feb 6th - Feb 17th
Hot and Cold Antipasti 15 different items special to Carnevale
Pasta choice of: Lasagna Carvevale Santa Lucia, Rigatoni in Vodka sauce, Pasta Fagoli for Carvevale, or Minestra Carnevale
Carne choice of: Chicken Carvevale, Veal Rolled in Pancetta, (Hot, Sweet, or Fennel) Sausage Carvevale, Braised Pork Belly Napolitano, or Roast Stuffed Suckling Pig.
Dessert choice of: Tortoni, Panna Cotta, Sanguinaccio or Cheese Cake, Cofeee or Tea
Sparkling toast at 12 (Noisemakers, hats, and poppers provided at midnight)
Saturday FEB 7th, 14th, or Tuesday, FEB 17th $60 pp
Fridays or Sundays $50 pp
Weekdays $45 pp